Chronicles of Riddick, STALKER, BioShock, More Drop to $5 as Part of D2D Mega-Sale

Nathan Grayson

Direct2Drive’s throwing a big bash for its fifth anniversary, and boy howdy are the goodie bags sweet. More than 50 games – ranging from BioShock to Thief: Deadly Shadows to X-Com – are having their price tags slashed down to $5.00 . How can you say “no” to that? You can’t. Hell, we’ve already not said “no” to it four or five times.

Over the next few weeks, D2D will be adding more fuel to this money-saving fire, going by a genre theme. So, next week you can expect a spat of nearly-free RPGs and MMOs, and the week after that, it’s indie games, etc.

Now go! Take advantage of Direct2Drive’s momentary celebration-fueled lapse of sanity. It may sound cliché, but these prices really are cuuuurazy .

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