Chromebooks Notched 2.1 Million Shipments Last Year, Majority Landed in North America



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"9 out of 10 Chromebooks sold landed in North America."

Yeah, most in school or some workplaces. My high school recently spent its remaining yearly budget portion to buy a bunch of Chromebooks. Chromebooks are okay for people who only surf the web, don't worry about always-on internet, and cloud documenting (Google Drive). For other tasks, they are shit.

I'd die first before I even consider buying a Chromebook. The worst thing I'll ever switch to if Windows ever becomes shit (in other words, worse than W8) is a Mac.



I remember a couple years back the Maximum PC aligned its editorial content with marketing efforts promoting thin profiles and boot times over genuinely significant performance metrics. This was when we saw the market shift to laptops without discrete graphics priced greater or equal to their more powerful counterparts. Manufacturers were delighted to rake in profits selling less for more.

But now performance is an issue? Perhaps it is when Microsoft is on the losing end of a battle over market share.

"Stop the hate for 8." LOL. Talk about jumping the shark....



I hope Microsoft is taking note... the last thing we need is disorder and chaos in the PC & Laptop operating system universe, it's crazy enough with all these Macbooks around.



I read this title as "9 out of 10 people in America have no idea what they are buying when it comes to technology" ... sub-title: "WalMart Dupes people into buying items that look like laptops"

Don't get me wrong, it's probably true that most 'computer' users really only need a device that can connect them to online items and social media networks/games. But that doesn't stop the MPC'er in me from wincing a little when I find out someone purchased a $199 Chromebook. And at least a Chromebook comes with the convenience of a keyboard. Tablet typing isn't exactly efficient.



One can add a keyboard to a tablet but one cannot add offline functionality, or much of anything really, to the underwhelming chromebook.



well said. But remember, even for Yugo's there was a market and Yugo's did get you across town. There will always be a market for very low price stuff.