Chrome Web Store Reportedly Delayed Until December

Pulkit Chandna

Many of you might be aware that Google plans to give browser-based apps the app store treatment. Announced at the Google I/O developers conference in May, the Chrome Web Store for web apps was expected to be up and running at an unspecified date in October.

With the month all but over, we might just have to wait a bit longer for the store. At least that is what All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka is saying based on input he received from app developers in the know.

According to Kafka, most developers don’t expect to see a public beta before December . However, there are a few who are still hoping for a mid-November launch. The store is currently in the developer preview phase.

He has also learnt that Google is trying to woo developers with “substantial technical resources,” with some small developers even receiving the cash bait.

Apps available through the Web Store are regular web apps and therefore in no way restricted to Google Chrome only.

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