Chrome Web App of the Week: Zoho Writer

Maximum PC Staff

While most of us rely on applications like Microsoft Word, Scrivener or OpenOffice to get a bit of scribbling done, not everyone has a computer they can call their own, making using such slick, dedicated software difficult. One solution is to carry your work between library computer banks and internet cafes on a USB drive, but if the drive gets misplaced or corrupted, your literary efforts are hosed. Might we suggest giving Zoho Writer a go? It’s our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Stomping into Google Docs’ well-marked territory, Zoho Writer is robust web-based word processing application with a style and functionality reminiscent of the productivity experience typically associated with high-priced, resource hungry software developed in Redmond. In addition to basic document editing musts such as formatting, fonts, and spellchecking, ZoHo also provides a wide variety of tools and touches that’ll make users forget they’re using a web app: document information, the ability to post content directly to a number of popular blog services, and offline editing for up to 25 recent documents are all available for the very reasonable price of absolutely free.

What’s more, when you sign up for a Zoho account, you’re not only gaining access to Zoho Writer, but also the company’s full line of online tools and applications, all of which are worth your attention.

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