Chrome Web App of the Week: Write Space

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Distractions are distracting--it’s a fact! Faced with a constant stream of tweets, memes, PC gaming, Facebook, and the ability to watch on demand video through services like Hulu and Netflix, it’s amazing anyone ever gets anything done at all. Even task-oriented programs like Microsoft Word can bring productivity to a screeching halt with its plethora of editing and formatting options. When a deadline looms and stuff simply has to get done, some of us have the willpower to ignore all the distractions that our PCs offer and focus on the task at hand. For the rest of us, there’s Write Space , our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Write Space is a bare bones text editor that operates inside of your Chrome web browser. Boasting a minimalist, two color interface and precious few features, it’s not a great choice for desktop publishing. However, with your browser window maximized, Write Space becomes one of the best free tools for distraction-free writing currently available. The application is completely self contained, and is able to operate with or without internet connectivity.

Boasting impressive auto save capabilities, Write Space takes a snapshot of the file you’re cranking on after each keystroke is registered, ensuring that a full, up-to-date copy of your text is perserved should disaster strike while you're harping on a deadline. For wordsmiths, students, or anyone else that lives or dies by the word, that’s nothing but win.  Throw Write Space’s spellcheck capabilities and live document statistics into the mix and you’ve got the making of a hardcore productivity tool that’ll help you get your work done ASAP so that you can get back to screwing the pooch PDQ.

Be sure to check back next Monday for another edition of Chrome Web App of the week.

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