Chrome Web App of the Week: SparkChess

Maximum PC Staff

There’s no school like the old school, and when it comes to gaming, it doesn’t get much more old school than chess. More or less unchanged since 1475 A.D., it’s a game of strategy, patience, and study like none other. No matter whether you’re new to the game or have been an aficionado for decades, SparkChess , our Chrome Web App of the Week, is a provocative download that’s sure to test your mettle.

Available as ad-supported, free, or paid ($7.95) installation, SparkChess provides deep, intelligent gameplay anywhere users have access to Google’s Chrome web browser. As a single player game, SparkChess offers three different levels of difficulty, with each move saved immediately after it’s made, making it a great choice for individuals with little time to spend on anything as lengthy as a full game of chess in one sitting. The game’s multiplayer offerings are just as impressive: Allowing players to challenge their friends or strangers to a game over the interwebz, SparkChess provides six different save slots, allowing you to be kept on your toes by multiple opponents through the course of multiple games.

In its paid iteration, SparkChess provides users with the ability to play games offline, gives hints and move suggestions, provides compatibility with a wide range of tablets, and multiplayer chat.  For chess players on the go, it’d be fair to say that SparkChess is a dream come true.

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