Chrome Web App of the Week: Quick Note

Maximum PC Staff

Cloud-based services such as Dropbox , SugarSync and Box simplify our lives by making even our most complex files obtainable with push button simplicity anywhere there’s an internet connection. Google Docs boils this convenience down even further by combining a robust document creation application and file syncing into one free-to-use solution. But to get down to the nitty-gritty essence of cloud-based note taking, we’d like to suggest you give Quick Note a try--it’s our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Quick Note’s interface will feel like an old friend to anyone that’s every used the iPad’s Notepad interface to jot down and retain data. Designed for use within Chrome, Diigo has provided users with an easy to navigate two-paned interface: One pane to take notes in, another pane to create, search for and select notes from. Nothing could be simpler. After installing the application, users are invited to create a Diigo account or use their Google credentials to log into the company’s servers. Doing so allows users to sync their Quick Note files to any machine rocking Google's Chrome browser such as Android phones or even an iPad.

In addition to text input, Quick Note also allows for the drag-and-drop addition of images to any note file, making it a great option for individuals that want to take their note taking to the clouds without the complexity or deep feature set of a service such as Evernote . What’s more, Diigo has mentioned that they have plans to integrate Quick Note with a number of online services, giving this already great web app a very bright future indeed.

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