Chrome Web App of the Week: Phoenix Image Editor

Seamus Bellamhy

No matter where the fates might take us, this much is certain: As we travel down life’s path, most of us take photos along the way and most of us will suck at it. To remove redeye, dust and other unwanted bits of reality from our pictures, many turn to expensive image editors like Photoshop. Others prefer to go the free route and get their GIMP on. If either of these options feel like they’re more image editor than you need, you might want to consider Phoenix Image Editor , our Chrome Web App of the Week.

For the very reasonable price of free, Phoenix provides Chrome users with an impressive tools and features, suitable for basic to intermediate level image manipulation tasks. Magic Wand, burn, color dodge, layers--they’re all present and presented in an interface that’s designed to be comfortable for neophytes and veteran Photoshop users alike. To work on an image, simply import it from the desktop of your PC, as well as services such as Facebook , Picasa and Flickr.

While it’s possible to edit and download your finished product without saving, Phoenix users are encouraged to open an Aviary account in order to save their work. While remembering yet another set of credentials might be a pain, Aviary makes it worth your while, as your account also works with the rest of the company’s impressive number of Chrome Apps, a few of which we’ll be covering in the weeks to come.

Be sure to check back every Monday for another edition of Web App of the Week!

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