Chrome Web App of the Week: One tsp.

Maximum PC Staff

As tasty as raw, red meat in a bowl can be, sooner or later, you’ll wind up needing to cook something. When that time comes, having the recipes for food you love on hand is a must. If you’re content to kick it old school, you could keep track of your mom’s formula for making Vinete Prajite on a cue card and stash it away in a box under the sink. For those of us who prefer to live in the 21st century, One tsp. is a great way to go.

One tsp. is designed to function as a one stop shop for all of your favorite recipes. After signing up for a free account, users can add and store up to 150 recipes for free, and an unlimited number of recipes for a measly five bucks a year. With fields for the recipe’s name, a description, ingredients list, cooking directions and the recipe’s source, One tsp. gives you ample space to store all of your favorite dishes pertinent information in one place. As your collection grows in size, finding the recipe you’re looking for is a piece of cake, thanks to a handy tagging system that anyone who’s used a blogging platform such as Tumblr will be all too familiar with.

What’s more, unlike conventional recipe software, One tsp. can be accessed from any computer rocking Chrome, and also boasts excellent support for a wide range of mobile devices including Android, Blackberry, iOS and *ahem* WebOS.

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