Chrome Web App of the Week: Mockingbird

Maximum PC Staff

You or your client may have an idea for a web service so revolutionary that it could kick start the shift to web 3.0 all on its own. Unless you have a plan for building a website to go along with it, that sweet idea will most likely remain just that--an idea. Fortunately, Mockingbird , our Chrome Web App of the Week, is here to help you get the show on the road.

Mockingbird is a wire framing application geared towards generating mock-ups of a website. Once installed to Chrome, users can use a wide variety of pre-rendered shapes, icons and widgets to quickly flesh out the design of a site. With a Mockingbird free user plan, one project up to 10 pages in size can be shared and worked upon by two separate users. Mockingbird also offers a number of priced usage tiers should your needs or those of your company exceed that limit. It’s worth noting that the application is powered by Cappuccino --a web framework that will run on most platforms - iOS devices included. That means that even if you’re away from a machine rocking a Chrome browser, you can still get your productivity on without any limitations.

When it comes time to show off your final product, Mockingbird allows for PDF and PNG output. Better still, just plop your client down in front of a laptop or tablet display and let them navigate around the site mock up you’ve cooked up for them, as all of the UI elements in a Mockingbird mockup can be set to act just as they would were the final site actually built, up and running. It almost seems too easy.

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