Chrome Web App of the Week: Lord of Ultima

Maximum PC Staff

For some of us, being forced to sit in front of a computer at work is the ultimate drag. It’s not the hardware that bums us out. It’s the outright refusal of our boss and IT department to let us install the games we love on our office rig for a little bit of pew-pew at break time. Sure, you could bring along a netbook or laptop with you everyday to solve the problem, but that extra weight’s not the sort of thing that’s welcome on anyone’s daily commute. Instead, we recommend that you scratch your gaming itch by indulging in Lord of Ultima , our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Lord of Ultima is a browser-based Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game from Electronic Arts. While the game has precious little to do with the venerable Ultima franchise of role-playing games, it’s still worth your attention.

Lord of Ultima sees players start off with a single city that they must carefully nurture into a well-protected center of civilian and military productivity. Over time, your city will become the jumping off point for the invasion of other player created kingdoms, trade and dungeon raiding. Offering surprisingly deep strategic options, 30 buildings, close to 20 combat unit types and a number of magical, civilian and military perks to keep things interesting, this is one freemium game that we’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy to sinking your teeth into no matter where you are.

Be sure to check back next Monday when we serve up another healthy helping of Chrome Web App of the Week.

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