Chrome Web App of the Week: Learn Kana

Maximum PC Staff

Japanese culture? Awesome. Learning to speak or read Japanese? Awesomely challenging. For native English speakers, learning to read Japan hiragana and katakana script can be a painful, frustrating experience of the same order as putting together a set of Ikea shelves all by your lonesome. Luckily, Japanophiles needn’t fret over learning to read, thanks to Learn Kana , our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Learn Kana takes much of the pain out of learning to read and understand hiragana and katakana script, by turning boring old bookwork into an entertaining interactive experience that’ll test your noodle and keep you coming back for more. By offering users repetitive online quizzes to help them burn kana into their brains, the application slowly and surely will train users into recognizing the sounds and symbols that make up the Japanese written linguistics. Lessons are broken down into two different groups: hiragana and katakana, making it easy to keep track of what you’re learning at any given time. Both hiragana and katakana offer multiple levels of difficulty to keep learners challenged, no matter what their level of competency might be.

While it might not be as comprehensive as some of the paid software solutions available these days, there’s no better free way to learn to understand kana, making it a must-try for anyone with even a passing interest in Japanese culture.

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