Chrome Web App of the Week: JoliCloud

Maximum PC Staff

Yo, dawg! We heard that you liked operating systems and internet browsers, so Jolicloud’s letting you have an operating system and a browser with another operating system inside of that browser! It’s a cloud computing solution so slick that we’ve made it our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Unlike other Chrome web applications that only let you perform a given set of mission-specific functions inside of your browser window, Jolicloud offers an entire cloud-based operating system for users to interact with. Boasting impressive customization features, a wide variety of applications to choose from and integration with well known services such as Spotify, Google Docs and Dropbox, Jolicloud is a great solution for individuals who find themselves working on multiple computers during the course of their day. Instead of installing or configuring multiple applications or workspaces, simply navigate to your Jolicloud account and get down to business. Users are invited to customize their Jolicloud desktop by changing its theme and layout, choosing from over 1000 preloaded applications and can even create their own cloud-based apps to utilize.

When you’re finished with Jolicloud, simply log out or close the web app’s tab. When it’s time to get down to business again,  log back into Jolicloud from any computer rocking Chrome and you’ll find your cloud-based desktop as you left it. That’s a lot of mobile-computing power for the low, low cost of absolutely free.

Be sure to check back every Monday for another edition of Chrome Web App of the Week.

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