Chrome Web App of the Week: Gun Brothers

Maximum PC Staff

No matter how much we love Gun Brother’s special brand of shoot ‘em up gunplay on Android and iOS devices, we couldn’t recommend it for use as a Chrome web app. When it was released to the Chrome Web Store several months ago, it was a glitchy, ad-filled mess where slow downs crashes and errors ran rampant. Fortunately, in the time since our last unfortunate encounter with the game, it appears the game’s developers have worked out the kinks, finally making us comfortable selecting Gun Brothers as our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Gun Brothers harkens back to an era in video games where your defeat at the hands of overwhelming odds was almost entirely assured--but players were OK with that. Why? Because they were having too much fun to care. In Gun Brothers, players take on the role of a genetically enhanced field operative with a simple mission: Kill anything that moves. Fortunately, the only thing moving other than you are a bunch of criminals bent on taking over the universe. With the help of some huge guns, armor, and a few exploding barrels, it’s your job to take ‘em out. To aid you on your mission, you’ll have the help of an A.I. companion that does a reasonable job of mowing down the competition without doing anything stupid.

To make the game more awesome, the game's development team have made it possible to swap out the A.I. player in favor of one of your pals via Facebook, making an already fun game even better.

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