Chrome Web App of the Week: Guinness World Records - Record Player

Maximum PC Staff

Before 1954, no one could say with any authority how many hotdogs a human being could consume in one five minute sitting. This, we’re sure you’ll agree, was unacceptable. Were it not for a friendly argument between the managing director the Guinness Breweries and one of his hunting buddies in 1951, we still might not have any solid data on the issue today. Fortunately for time wasters and bet placers around the globe, the failure to resolve that argument 60 years ago led to the creation of The Guinness Book of World Records. Thanks to Guinness World Records-Record Player , our Chrome Web App of the Week, computer users don’t have to read about new records being made or discover that old ones have been broken. Instead, they can turn to the internet and watch all the action in glorious color.

No matter whether you’re looking to resolve an argument over the mundane, be entertained, or waste your time in style, Guinness World Records has got you covered. Videos can be browsed individually, or searched by date, category or what’s most popular with other users of the web app. Each video comes along with commentary on what world record it chronicles, as well as a paragraph’s worth of commentary about what you’re about to watch.

If you stumble across a video that you feel the need to share, the app even provides Twitter and Facebook integration, making it easy to get the word out to your friends and followers.

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