Chrome Web App of the Week: Google Finance

Maximum PC Staff

While many of us are busy preparing to toast and dine with our friends and extended families over the next few weeks, some industrious folk are still grinding away, foregoing the joys that the season affords for the sake of squeezing a few additional pennies out of the markets before they close for the holidays. For those who of you who prefer to wash their eggnog down with a bit of work, there’s Google Finance, our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Google Finance provides users with the latest financial news, real-time stock quotes, domestic trend tracking of specific sectors and up-to-the-minute data on what’s affecting the stock markets from around the world. For individuals who maintain a personal stock portfolio, Google Finance can provide customized tracking of your investments to see what companies are flying high and which ones are conspiring to put you in the poor house. If you’re interesting in investing in a new stock, Google Finance also offers a Stock Screener that illustrates a given stock’s market cap, P/E ratio, dividend yield percentage and 52 week price change in all four American exchanges.

While Google Finance won’t make you a millionaire, it’ll definitely make it easier to keep track of the markets a whole lot easier.

Be sure to check back with us every Monday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Chrome Web App of the Week.

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