Chrome Web App of the Week: Flixster

Maximum PC Staff

After paying for your admission and taking out a lien on your house so that you can afford the price of a few snacks at the show, there’s nothing worse than discovering that you’ve committed yourself to a predictable, poorly written wreck of a film. The same can be said for rentals. Whether you brought it home from the video store or queued it up on Netflix, no one wants to settle on the couch in with a bowl of popcorn for a two hour suck-fest. Fortunately, thanks to Flixster , bypassing feature length stinkers has never been easier.

Flixster allows users to browse and preview thousands of movies ranging from well-known favorites to obscure cult classics and everything in between. By offering users access to Rotten Tomatoes’ review system, Flixster makes it easy to gauge whether that flick you’ve been thinking about taking in is worth seeing or not. Flixter provides a wealth of onscreen information for each movie it features, giving users access to information about the film’s cast, director and in most cases, the movie’s theatrical trailer.

If you like what you see, just click on the showtimes button to find out where a movie is playing in your area, and when it comes to older films, Flixster even offers the option to purchase DVDs online and have them delivered to your front door.

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