Chrome Web App of the Week: Fieldrunners

Maximum PC Staff

Even though Chrome has proven itself to be a capable gaming platform, precious few of our favorite pre-existing titles have managed to make their way to our browser windows. Sure, Angry Birds and Plants versus Zombies is great, but even marquee titles can only be played for so long. Fortunately, Android and iOS legend Fieldrunners is ready for a little play time with Chrome. We’ve invested so many hours into this tower defense classic, we had to make it our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Fieldrunners is tower defense at its best. Players are tasked with keeping an invading army out of their base by killing off as many of their troops as they can. Starting off with enough cash to purchase a few weapons, players place their armaments on the field of battle in the hopes of creating a kill zone. The more enemy troops you kill, the more cash you generate. This allows you to buy beefier weapons as well as upgrade your existing emplacements. Choose the right mixture of firepower, place it in the right pattern and your base defense will be an impassable wall of death. Get the mix wrong, and you may as well put out a welcome mat, because all your base? It belong to the enemy. Fieldrunners for Chrome is free to play, but gamers do have the option of paying a premium to unlock additional game levels and features.

We think that after a few minutes of playing the free version, you’ll agree that paying for a little more action is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

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