Chrome Web App of the Week: Do It Tomorrow

Maximum PC Staff

As many of us continue to wallow in the throes of a self-induced turkey coma, it’s hard to focus on the fact that sooner or later, the holidays will give way to our regular workaday lives and all of the responsibilities that come with with it. For Chrome users less than crazy about getting back to being productive, there’s Do It Tomorrow , our Chrome Web App of the Week.

A productivity app designed to capitalize on drive to put off tasks from today that could easy be performed tomorrow, Do It Tomorrow, is a task tracking app for individuals who understand that sometimes the best way to manage their lives is to procrastinate as hard as they can. Foregoing the multitude of features offered by many of today’s most popular calendar and task management applications, Do It Tomorrow offers users a simple, elegant interface that affords the ability to enter tasks that need to be taken care of today, or be pushed off until tomorrow.

Realizing that a productivity app is only as productive as it is mobile, Do It Tomorrow's developers have also put together smartphone and tablet versions of their application for iOS and Android users to exploit, making it easy to get things done--or put things off for a day--no matter where life takes you.

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