Chrome Web App of the Week: Bastion

Maximum PC Staff

As any gamer with access to Xbox Live will tell you, Supergiant Games’ sleeper hit Bastion is worth both your time and your money . After winning the hearts of console gamers the world over, as well as a boatload of awards, the title is available to Chrome browser users, thanks to the magic of Google’s Native Client, which allows developers to port x86 games natively into Chrome. As awesome as it is, we couldn’t help but make Bastion our Chrome Web App of the Week.

Free to try and $14.99 to buy, Bastion offers a browser-based gaming experience that stands head and shoulders about anything else currently available in the Chrome Web Store. A role-playing action game set in a calamity-filled future, Bastion pits players against a wide variety of foes spread across over 40 beautifully hand-painted environments. While the baddies may far outnumber you, you’ll be able to even up the odds through the use of a number of upgradeable weapons.

Where Bastion for Xbox Live was at times, mercilessly difficult, Supergiant Games saw fit to go easy on players for their Chrome-based release of the title and have added a ‘No-Sweat Mode’ to the game that allows players to die horribly and continue as many times as they need to in order to finish the game to it’s awesome, well designed end.

Without a doubt, Bastion is one of the best titles on offer for Chrome users, and will set the bar for what browser-based gaming can be for some time to come.

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