Chrome Web App of the Week: AutoCAD WS

Maximum PC Staff

There’s a good number of drawing and design programs available through the Chrome Web Store. Most of them will let you knock out awkward looking stick-figure sketches or primitive landscape images using features similar to those we’ve enjoyed/loathed in MS Paint over the years. Some offer more complex features, such as layering and various virtual paint brushes… which most of us end up using to knock out awkward stick-figure sketches or primitive landscape images. If you want to draw something useful--the blueprints for your next house, for example--there’s only one Web App that’ll do: AutoCAD WS . It’s a Web App with so many awesome features and such rich functionality that we had to make it our Chrome Web App of the week.

Designed with designers, architects and engineers in mind, AutoCAD WS brings a startling number of features previously found only in AutoCAD’s legendary desktop design software to a free, relatively easy to use web-based application. Thanks to AutoCAD WS, designers can ply their trade on any computer rocking Chrome.

The App offers deep design functionality, automatic versioned back-ups, the ability to upload files from a desktop CAD program and tools for real-time multi-user collaboration. While it doesn’t have the guts to replace a dedicated piece of CAD software, AutoCAD WS is a compelling online offering that no serious CAD user with a need to work on the go should overlook.

Be sure to check back next Monday for the next edition of Chrome Web App of the Week.

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