Chrome Takes Second Spot from Firefox, Per StatCounter

Pulkit Chandna

Over the years, Firefox has made the second position on browser market share charts all its own by refusing to budge either way. A few years ago, it was ridiculously difficult to even imagine a market scenario with Mozilla's browser at any place lower than number two. But the release of Chrome three years ago started threatening the improbability of such a scenario. Now, there is strong indication that the unthinkable might have already happened.

If StatCounter's latest data is to be believed, Chrome recently overtook Firefox in market share. The former started the week ending November 13 with 25.5 percent market share as compared to Firefox's 25.79 percent. Even though the market share of both browsers shrunk slightly during this period, it was Firefox that lost more, and as a result ended the week trailing Chrome for the first time. Google Chrome ended that week with 25.47 percent market share as compared to Firefox's 25.32 percent.

Recent data from other firms has also been hinting at the possibility of Chrome pulling ahead of Firefox before the end of the year. So you can expect other firms like NetApplications to confirm Chrome's new status in the browser market in coming weeks or, at the most, a few months. Now Mozilla needs to make sure that it does not let Chrome build a massive lead in the near future, for that might end its hopes of regaining the second spot.

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