Chrome Over 10,000 Extensions

Ryan Whitwam

Google's Chrome browser didn't gain full extension support until late in the game, but developers have apparently stepped up to the plate in a big way. After looking over the Chrome Extension Gallery, TechCrunch is reporting that Chrome has surpassed 10,000 extensions . It's only been a year, and Chrome is closing in on Firefox with nearly 13,000 extensions.

Chrome has always been admired for its raw speed, but many users held back due to the lack of extensions support. Firefox tends to be a little slower, but the huge number of add-ons kept users locked in. The recent surge in Chrome usage could have a lot to do with the roll out of full extension support. The ball is really in Mozilla's court now, but early reports on Firefox 4 are very positive.

Google pushes out new versions of Chrome at warp speed, and Firefox has a reputation for slow, steady development. Even if Firefox 4 is a winner, Chrome might fly past it again in short order. Do you think extension numbers are telling a tale?

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