Chrome OS Gets Multi-Monitor Support

Pulkit Chandna

Let's be honest, the little things that usually titillate our geek glands are unlikely to do so while we wait with bated breath for the release of some “exciting” data from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. The Chrome team nonetheless decided to push some new features to the Chrome OS Developer channel a few days back.

“The Dev channel has been updated to 25.0.1324.1 (Platform versions 3196.1.0 for most platforms and 3196.2.0 for Samsung Chromeboxes) for all Chrome OS devices,” the Chrome team said earlier this week .

The latest developer channel build features a number of improvements, but the most important of the lot has got to be the inclusion of multi-monitor support,which now makes it possible for Chrome OS users to extend or duplicate their displays. To be honest, though, most of them will probably have to work really hard at figuring out an excuse for doing so.

Besides multi-monitor support, the latest developer channel also includes a new version of Pepper Flash ( for new Samsung Chromebooks and for all other platforms) and “intelligent window positioning.” Further, it is now possible to reorder the app list.

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