Chrome OS Devices to Debut at Under $400

Pulkit Chandna

Google's cloud-based Chrome OS is scheduled for a year-end release, with the first devices based on the platform slated to arrive early next year. The fact that it will be rooted in the cloud should restrict its use to casual computing devices like netbooks and tablets. But what will Chrome devices cost?

Well,  according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, about as much as any reasonably priced netbook currently on the market. He said at the Atmosphere Cloud Computing forum that Chrome devices should cost anywhere between $300-400 , while making it clear Google will have no say in setting the price of such products.

"Those prices are completely determined, by the way, by the costs of the glass, the costs of the processor and things like that, but in our case Chrome OS and Android are free so there is no software tax associated with all of this,” he said.

Image Credit: RedmondPie

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