Chrome is 30 Percent Faster, Better, Stronger


With the recent focus on JavaScript performance, browser makers continue to claim huge performance gains with each new release, and that trend continues in the latest beta release of Google Chrome, version

How much faster? According to Google, tweaks made to the engine have resulted in a 30 percent performance boost over the current stable version, at least when running the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks. But speed isn't the only improvement.

"We've also improved two of the most loved and most used features of Google Chrome: the New Tab page and the Omnibox. Plus, we decided to add a little bit of style by allowing you to deck out your browser with colors, patterns, and images," Google wrote in a blog entry .

Google also said it has started building HTML5 capabilities into the latest beta release, including video tag functionality and web workers. This is the first version of Chrome to do so.

Anyone interested in giving the beta a spin can start right here .

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