Chrome Hits 6% Share of Browser Market, Could Reach 10% this Year

Ryan Whitwam

New data from analytics firm Net Applications shows Google's Chrome browser holding a 6.1% market share through March . Based on the rate of increase, the browser is expected to break into double digits this year. Moat of Chrome's gains have come at the expense of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which fell from 61.6% to 60.7% in March. It should be noted this is also when the EU implemented their browser ballot screen.

Chrome has been on the rise as of late as other browsers were flat of shrank. Even the ever popular Firefox only saw 0.3% growth in March. Chrome had only a 1.6% market share this time last year, so usage has nearly quadrupled. Google has been iterating the browser rapidly and recently added extension support for the stable builds. Combined with the speed and stability of the browser, it may finally be catching the eye of more users.

The upcoming Chrome OS is expected to be based on the Chrome browser. In the early preview builds users Chrome simply sits on top of the underlying framework allowing users to access cloud-based applications. The expectation is that this will be similar to the final product. Do you use Chrome? If so, why did you choose it over Firefox?

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