Chrome Gains Market Share, IE Slips a Tick

Paul Lilly

The latest browser market share statistics are out from Web analytics firm Net Applications, and of all the browsers, only Google's Chrome made any kind of notable gain.

Chrome bumped up its position from 7.52 percent in August to nearly 8 percent in September, which is more than twice the market share it held one year ago.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer continued to slip, dropping from 60.40 percent to 59.65 percent in that same time frame. Both Firefox and Opera held steady by increasing their share a nominal 0.03 and 0.02 percent, respectively, while Apple's Safari browser continued its slow but steady climb, rising from 5.16 percent to 5.27 percent.

Released in the middle of September, Microsoft's IE9 Beta accounted for 0.25 percent of browser usage in the last two weeks of the month.

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