Chrome Extension of the Week: Sexy Undo Close Tab


Whoops!  Closed that tab. Not to fear--you can immediately reopen tab after tab, in order of their departure, by merely holding down shift+control and tapping the "t" key on your keyboard within Google Chrome. Easy, right?

Now, what happens if you want suddenly want to reopen a tab that you closed a few iterations ago?  It seems kind of pointless (and arduous) to open eight different tabs to get to the one you wanted, only to have to reclose the additional seven just to rid them from your browser tabs for good. Too much work, if you ask me!  And that's just where the extension Sexy Undo Close Tab comes into play. Heck, with a name like that, it's just hard to resist this add-on's... appeal.

Here's the deal. Instead of having to shuffle through a ton of tabs you've already closed to find the one you wanted, Sexy Undo Close Tab displays a list of all the most recently closed tabs via a drop-down menu that's generated whenever you click the accompanying button next to your address bar.

Want to reload a given page?  Left-click on it. There it goes, right into an active tab for you to see. Want to reload a given page without shifting focus away from what you're looking at?  Click on the link using your mouse's middle button. Want to use your right-mouse button?  Tough. There aren't any options for that one.

Fire up the extension's options menu to set the number of closed tabs it should save in its memory as well as the number of lines it should use for the description of each page. And, more importantly, enjoy!

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