Chrome Extension of the Week: Session Buddy


One of the hardest elements of Google Chrome I had to come to terms with, upon switching to the browser after years of using Firefox, was its lack of support for session management. I'm a pretty prolific user of tabs--I usually keep hordes of tabbed windows open at any given time as a sort of "bookmark but not really" method for reminding myself to check out said sites once I have a little bit more time.

However, this lifestyle isn't without its flaws. A browser crash here, an errant reset there, or some silly screw-up on my part (like closing the main browser window that's full of tabs before closing an ancillary pop-up window) has often brought forth heartache. Tabs disappear. An entire week's worth of browsing and collecting (or hording) vanishes within seconds. Tears are shed. Information is forever lost.

This wasn't much of an issue in Firefox thanks to a handy little add-on called Session Manager. With it, the contents of one's browsing sessions across a great length of time could be automatically saved and restored with but the click of a mouse. Google Chrome has a "restore last session" option built into the browser itself, much like Firefox, but the world of third-party session-saving extensions has been weak at best.

The aptly named Session Buddy extension looks to change that and, so far, I'm pretty happy with what I see. With but two clicks of the mouse, you can title and save a session for restore into a brand-new browser window or, if you're daring, the very browser window you're using to access Session Buddy. The extension also saves the previous session you had open upon the browser's exit. You can dump your session lists to text files or .CSV-based lists if you so choose, and the extension itself integrates with Google's automatic crash recovery feature should the unthinkable occur to your browser.

In short, Session Buddy does a lot. But it does this "lot" with minimal intrusion and resource use. It's a snappy, smart extension that's a must-have for anyone who wants to give their browsing activity a little bit more safekeeping.

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