Chrome Extension of the Week: Send to Google Docs


It's only fair that Google's browser, Chrome, use a Google-based service in this week's extension of the week. The name of the add-on is Send to Google Docs, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the ins and outs of this little tweak.

I was originally scanning around for an interesting way to tweak the functionality of a PDF in the Chrome browser. In stumbling across Send to Google Docs , I was intrigued by the solution: Rather than simply sticking more save options onto the download bar, Send to Google Docs gave a far better deal.

It's kind of annoying to have to wade through a bunch of PDFs on one's hard drive. Depending on your reader of choice, clicking through PDF after PDF can eat up a lot of system resources... and a lot of time. Why not just stuff these files in the cloud and let Google's speedy rendering engine take care of the rest?  Or, better yet, allow Google to convert these PDF files into a format that can be edited straight through Google Docs itself?

It didn't take me much longer to hit the "install" button on Send to Google Docs, and I'm glad I did. This extension slaps a little button on the top of your browser (as do they all, it seems). Clicking it will automatically PDF up any Web page you're looking at and dump it into your corresponding Google Docs account. If you are looking at a PDF, it's a straight one-to-one copy. The same goes for images, SWF files, or any other document that Google Docs supports. Click the button and off it goes to your own account.

Less resources?  Universal access?  Easy one-click uploads to your cloud storage?  I think that makes Send to Google Docs a win--all you need, now, is an account!

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