Chrome Extension of the Week: Ozone


Oh god.

That’s the first thing I said upon installing the Google Chrome extension, “Ozone,” because there’s simply no way around it: This extension is search to the extreme, period.

What do I mean by that?

Suppose you want to search for the name, “Nathan Edwards,” across a whole host of sites. Perhaps you’re interested in all the articles he’s written, or maybe you want to pull him up on Facebook or Wikipedia, or maybe even—god forbid—he’s acted in a movie you really like. Or maybe you sent him a Gmail that you need to look up. Or maybe you want to research his life on Linkedin.

Am I belaboring the point? Hardly, because Ozone spits out these search results—and so many more—into one giant, table-like grid of results whenever you fire up a search by clicking on the extension’s easy-to-hit button in your Chrome toolbar. I’m not kidding. As long as you’re logged into the various services, Ozone will run a search throughout 17 different (huge) online entities to find the information you seek. It’s kind of like having a digital concierge at your fingertips—only, you don’t have to pay or tip a dime for the recommendations.

Or, better yet, it might be fair to compare Ozone to a kind-of Google Desktop Search for your online existence. The fact that you can search your Dropbox account in the same breath as your Google Docs, as well as your browser bookmarks, as well as your browser history… well, let’s just say that if Ozone can’t find what you’re looking for, it likely does not exist. Trust me.

Download it here !

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