Chrome Extension of the Week: Note Anywhere


I can't count the number of times that a website prompts me to have some kind of Eureka! moment. If I read a slammin' review, I have to tell myself to investigate said product at my local retailer of choice. If I read an awesome article, I have to remind myself to consider subscribing to the magazine at some point in the future. If I see a really funny cat, well, I want to make note of what I can do to make my own cat look just as silly.

It's not very fun to keep a running Word document open to collect all these thoughts. Nor--heaven forbid--would I ever turn to the archaic concept of a physical, yellow sticky note or manual notepad. Blegh. Thankfully, the Google Chrome extension Note Anywhere keeps me away from the Stone Age of note-taking by dropping the digital equivalent of said sticky notes right into my browser. And, yes, these notes stay with the given Web page I stick them on. That's just plain cool.

So, yes, that's the deal. Click a button to summon a yellow sticky note onto a given page. Move the note around if you want and, of course, type in whatever text you want to live on said note. Close the page. Summon up that Web site again and presto--your note (or notes) will appear in the same place you left them.

That's just the beginning, however. Future iterations of Note Anywhere promise the ability to resize these notes and, better still, synchronize the notes between your different computers!  Who would have thought that the simple concept of a yellow sticky note could be transformed by so many wonderful, digital options...

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