Chrome Extension of the Week: JoinTabs


It doesn't happen that often, but, sometimes, your favorite Web sites insist on loading links on their pages into a new browser window.  That, or you simply like having multiple instances of Chrome running in separate windows-I won't judge your preference.  That's cool.

So, when this does happen, how do you go about reducing your multiple windows to a single browser entity that's split into multiple tabs?  You could always drag-and-drop these separate windows into a single Chrome instance, but that can be a time-consuming, laborious process depending on just how many different windows you might have open at once.  A quaint little extension called JoinTabs eliminates this difficulty by giving you a one-shot button that automatically mashes all of your open windows into one, tab-drenched browser.

How does it work?  Simple.  Install the extension and click the icon (or hit control + m on your keyboard) to start the process.  JoinTabs will condense all of your open Chrome windows into a single browser and transform your many open pages into their own tabs.  If you're lazy, you can also set this action to automatically occur for any "new window" instances using JoinTabs' configuration screen.  And if you want to exclude any given window type from being pulled down into a single browser instance (like developer tools or tabs you've manually extracted into a new window), you can set those options in the configuration panel as well.

Simple, easy, efficient... JoinTabs does much to help you keep your Internet browsing organized without too many details to worry about!

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