Chrome Extension of the Week: Google Account Switcher


I'm not going to ask how or why but, for whatever reason, people can sometimes end up with more than one Google account. Maybe you just need double the space in your Gmail; Perhaps you're the poor person who has to control both your personal Gmail and some kind of corporate account for your business. Maybe you just really like Google.

Whatever the reason, you don't really have much of an option for switching between these accounts in Google Chrome. Signing in and out of your respective accounts is your only real choice, and that's a cumbersome process that's going to tie you up in authentication procedures (especially if you aren't saving your passwords via the browser). After you've completed your thirty-fifth consecutive sign-out and sign-in between accounts, you're going to ask for one of two things: a sanity check, or a better way to manage your multiple Google accounts.

I vote the latter. A handy little Google Extension called Google Account Switcher provides an excellent method for switching between as many Google accounts as you'd like. Instead of slapping a button in your browser to facilitate the change, Google Account Switcher actually builds the flip-flopping mechanism directly into any Google-based sites you surf to. Why is this awesome?  It saves your screen real estate. If you're not actively using a Google service, you won't need a button to switch between them. Get it?

You can also use Google Account Switcher to save your passwords with your assorted user names, easing the transition process when switching between accounts. The security of this feature seems a wee unimpressive, however, so I'd recommend that you ignore it in favor of this extension's basic account switching features. On that front, you can't go wrong with Google Account Switcher.

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