Chrome Extension of the Week: FastestChrome


Make... Chrome... faster?  It's not quite a match under this browser's butt, but the helpful extension FastestChrome builds in a number of great tweaks for speeding up a number of common functions during your browsing experience. This won't help you render pages quicker per se, but you will find yourself with a host of new features for taking some of the routine out of common browser tasks. And that, in itself, will reduce your total browsing time--which is kind of like making Chrome faster, isn't it?

Anyway, FastestChrome's best feature (of the many it includes) is easily its Endless Pages tweak. Appropriately named, this will automatically check and see if the page you're reading contains a hyperlink that forces it to continue on a subsequent page. If so, then Endless Pages will automatically load up the contents of the next page once you've reached the bottom of the page you're currently on. FastestChrome will then append the contents of the second page to the bottom of your current page, creating a single HTML document that's just happened to double in size.

I've probably spent more time explaining that one that need be. Simply put, FastestChrome allows you to eliminate the annoying process of clicking through multiple ages for content. But that's not all. FastestChrome will also give you the opportunity to look up words you've highlighted using a few various online search tools, including Wikipedia!  As well, the extension will automatically convert URLs that have been printed as non-hyperlinked text items into clickable objects. It's a one more of FastestChrome's small, but speed-friendly tweaks.

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