Chrome Extension of the Week: Chromey Calculator

David Murphy

Alright, geeks--this week's feature Chrome extension is calling out your name.  While most net-savvy individuals can always surf on over to Google to run most any calculations they need to run (quick: 12 cups is how much of a gallon!), there's an easier way to go about solving the answers to life's tougher mathematical issues.  In fact, you can do it straight from your Chrome browser without having to surf on over to a secondary page.

The genius behind this functionality is a little extension called Chromey Calculator . Don't let the cute alliteration fool you--this little wonder is akin to packing Einstein's brain into a tiny little button next to your address bar.  Clicking on said button pulls up a little pop-up window with a simple, console-style prompt.  Type in a common equation you need solved (1+1), and the extension will spit out an answer in a running field that keeps track of the last few commands you've entered.  Not only does this beat the one-equation, one-answer style of Windows' default calculator program, but Chromey Calculator also taps into the power of the Web to fuel more complex commands.

For example, if you need to run some mixed unit calculations -- what's two miles plus 24 light-years -- the extension can calculate out this absurd request by turning to a mix of Google and Wolfram Alpha for its answer.  Similarly, you can input common Wolfram Alpha queries for advanced mathematics if you really feel like taking Chromey Calculator to the next level.  Clicking on any result will automatically copy it to your console command area, which is perfect for running extra calculations on previously displayed answers.

Will you need any other calculator program after you've used Chromey Calculator?  Faster than you can say Soh-cah-toa, I've calculated the answer to be a firm "n - o."

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