Chrome Continues to Grow at the Expense of Firefox and IE

Pulkit Chandna

Mozilla Firefox is still the world’s second most popular desktop browser ahead of Google Chrome, as per Net Applications. But as far as Mozilla is concerned, that’s probably the only positive to have come out of the analytics firm’s latest monthly browser usage data.

Firefox’s slide continued during the last month of 2011 as it ended the year with a 21.83 percent share of the market, down slightly from the 22.14 percent share it commanded at the end of November. It wasn’t the only browser among the top three to have lost market share during December. Market leader Internet Explorer’s grip on the market also loosened further in December, with its market share declining to 51.87 percent from 52.64 percent.

The market share that Internet Explorer and Firefox lost was lapped up by Chrome, the only browser among the top three to have made any gains during the last month. According to Net Applications stats, Chrome’s market share grew almost a percentage point to reach 19.11 percent. If this upward trend continues, it won’t be too long before Chrome overtakes Firefox.

But if rival Net Application’s rival StatCounter is to be be trusted, Chrome has already overtaken Firefox as the world’s second most popular browser. That said, it’s usually difficult to get two analytics firms to agree on something.

Image Credit: Tech18

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