Chrome Browser Share Rises Again, IE Still Falling

Ryan Whitwam

Google's Chrome browser has really been on a roll the last few months, and April was no exception according to numbers from NetApplications. The internet analytics firm said Chrome saw a 0.6% increase in usage share over the previous month. Chrome now sits at 6.7% market share. On the other side of things, we have Internet Explorer and Firefox, to whom the month of April was not as kind.

Internet Explorer saw another steep decline of 0.7% dropping it just below 60% market share for the first time since AOL ruled the interwebs. Firefox was technically up last month, but only by 0.07% to 24.6%. That magical one-quarter market share is just ever so slightly out of reach.

It's clear that IE users are moving to other browsers, but it looks like they're moving to Chrome in larger numbers. Add to that a few Firefox users migrating to Chrome, and you have bleak picture for anyone that isn't The Big G. Where do you come down in the browser wars?

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