Chrome Beta Gets Update for Devs, Fixes Flash Bug

Paul Lilly

A new version of Google's Chrome browser is being made available , and as the release notes indicate in all caps, the update is intended for the "Dev channel ONLY." We're not sure if that means plain folk can expect their PCs to spontaneously combust by running the updated browser, but until Chrome gets groomed with extension support, we suspect most people won't bother to find out.

The new update puts a heavy focus on plugins, not the least of which includes addressing an issue where using Flash plugins could lock up the Chrome browser and shoot CPU usage up to 100 percent. The new version also fixes plugins not playing when embedded in a third-party frame on a page, and improves support for pages with multiple plugins playing video.

Several other changes have been made, such as adding a command line switch to start the browser in incognito mode, fixing a problem with videos stopping after 1 second, adding better support for Windows Media player, and a whole bunch more.

What would you like to see Google focus on with its Chrome browser? Hit the jump and let us know.

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