Chrome Beta Gets a Big Update

Ryan Whitwam

Those of you using Chrome in the beta channel should be seeing an update today that will bring you some notable new features. The beta is now on version 6.0.472.33 , and offers a revamped UI, better synchronization, and improved JavaScript handling. The update should happen automatically soon, or users can manually update their browser.

The UI changes are the most noticeable to users. The color scheme has been made more metallic, and less blue. The stop/refresh button has been removed from the end of the address bar, and given its own spot at the left of the interface. The options have been condensed to one button as well. These changes make more space for extension icons.

The autofill and sync features have been improved. The browser will ask user permission to autofill data, but it will synchronize your data across Chrome installs. In addition to the bookmarks and settings, extensions will also sync now. As with every release of Chrome, there is the obligatory performance increase. The V8 JavaScript engine has been tweaked and is now about 15% faster. If you've been using this new beta, let us know what you think.

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