Chris Blarsky's Max PC

Nathan Edwards

Chris Blarsky was motivated to create the Max PC mod after reading one of Editor in Chief Will Smith’s editorials. In July 2007, Smith wrote, “Desktop design is stagnant. Why must every PC be constructed of black plastic and chrome?”

Chris responded by attempting to show what he describes as “the raw essence of PC building in the design of a system.” Well, nothing says power like a Dale Keown-era Hulk—and mounting the mobo al fresco, without a lick of protection, is an inspired design decision to be sure.

Hulk smash! Chris explained that the mobo the Hulk is holding aloft had a previous life in a cash register at a smoky local college bar—even two trips through a dishwasher failed to destroy it.

A week after the mod was completed, the Hulk's hollow legs began to buckle. Luckily, some expanding-foam glue stabilized the structure.

For his winning entry, Chris wins a $500 gift certificate for to fund his modding madness! See all the hardware deals at , and turn to page 92 in the print issue for full contest rules.

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