Chipmaker Boss Says Recovery Will Take 3 Years

Maximum PC Staff

It’s no secret that the global economy is in a rough place, and there are few industries not feeling the pain. Unfortunately, the chip industry isn’t one of those that finds itself immune, and while it’s taken some heavy blows recently it’s not at rock bottom. Though, it is “pretty close” according to Morris Chang, the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

“I think it will be 2012 before the total revenue of the semiconductor industry gets back to the '08 level,” stated Chang, who has been in the industry for more than half a century. Last month Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. reported a gigantic 64 percent drop in profit for Q4 2008.

He continued to state that there will be a “continued decline for companines that make both consumer products and semiconductors.” Though, the companies that do both (such as Samsung and Intel) are “in a strong position.”

Image Credit: TSMC

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