Chip Crazy: Intel Does the Harlem Shake

Paul Lilly

Even the engineers at Intel aren't immune to the latest Internet trends.

Oh Internet, are there no bounds to your silliness? It sure doesn't appear that way, with the newest fad sweeping through cyberspace being the Harlem Shake. Variations of the meme are racking up millions of hits on YouTube, and everyone seems to be doing it, possibly even your grandmother . Intel uploaded its own version of the Harlem Shake featuring an engineer in full costume and a dude with a horse head who comically strolls casually by as if it's just another day in Santa Clara.

"Intel Corporation employees take a much-needed break from making and marketing microprocessors to enjoy a good, hearty session of the Harlem Shake," Intel explains on its YouTube channel.

Check it out:

Good luck getting that tune out of your head this weekend. Should you decide not to fight it, YouTube is littered with Harlem Shake videos, each around 30 seconds long and featuring about 15 seconds of solo dancing before things get crazy. Watch enough of them and you'll eventually feel like this guy:

By the way, in some instances, reading the comments is as fun as watching the videos. One of our favorites : "When my dad walked in, I switched to porn. It was much easier to explain."

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