China's New Anti-piracy Initiative Targets Beijing's Internet Cafes

Pulkit Chandna

A scientific study in the late 90’s had concluded that the average mainland Chinese mind lacks the mental faculty necessary to fully comprehend the concept of intellectual property. Well, all right, I just made it all up to highlight the extreme level of piracy in China, something that has been done ad nauseam.

But the Chinese government’s latest anti-piracy initiative is a step in the right direction. According to reports in the local media, authorities in Beijing have begun cracking down on internet cafes suspected of video piracy, with over a third of the city’s 1500 registered cyber cafes on their radar.

According to a news report on , around 30% of all internet cafe customers come to watch movies, even though more than 60% of China’s 130,000 registered cyber cafes have never sought any video distribution licenses.

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