China Bans Symantec and Kaspersky From List of Approved Antivirus Vendors



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Bullwinkle J Moose

Symantec, Kaspersky deny being banned in China



It is both naive to believe your NSA sits around trying to listen to your phone calls and read you email each day as it is to believe China hasn't done this because these AV software applications slow down their ability to do so to their own citizens. It is over simplified and quite incorrect to compare what your US federal agencies do to their citizens 'today' to what China does 'today'. Like every agency, your NSA has and will make mistakes. You cannot slap their hand for everything that happens to the US - asking them,"why didn't we see this coming" and not expect them to mine more and more data in an attempt to not be blind sided by tomorrow's next 9/11. If we are going to expect your NSA, CIA, DIA, .... to know and see everything, you have to know that you are asking them to watch everything. Oh yes, this means Americans too. I am not trying to let them off easy and say that these agencies do not have issues. I am just trying to say, Americans have to figure out what they truly want from their Government, then be willing to pay it. It goes the same with any service offering you expect from your government. If you expect more availability to free social services, you will pay higher taxes. If your disagree, look at most of Europe. If your corporations that are publicly traded pay higher taxes, they employ less, pay less, and/or charge more for their products. If still confused, look at Europe. The same goes for U.S. intelligence agencies, if you have higher expectation for them to see every bad thing on the horizon, you are inherently asking them to watch everything. There is no something for nothing out there.

If you have never lived abroad, outside of a 1st world country, stop crying about how bad you Americans have it. Join the majority of us in the world that live in countries with no extensive access to quality healthcare, expectation for safety from our government, and little to no opportunity for education. I lucked out and started life in the US before returning to my parents homeland. I wish my biggest worry was whether someone was reading my email or my latte' was going to be made wrong.... Sorry for venting.



a Lot of your claims at stats are far from the mark. I've lived a third of my life overseas; on six of the seven continents. I fill up a (larger volume) passport every other year.

Let's start with those education claims. Want to test any American high school student against one from Japan, France, (most of) Germany, England?

How about healthcare? Sure America has some of the better technology and science there, but for the AVERAGE patient... They are not truly cared for, they are given medication so that the true cause is ignored. Which is why literally no other country in the world uses as much medication as america Nothing is even close.

Also consider the following. The entire united states of america does two things very well.

1. Making eemies at every turn, Ever wonder why?

2 Playing a defensive game against a version of the enemy. One cannot play an exclusive defensive game forever, because it's only a matter of time before lots of "ones" start getting through - which is exactly what happened with Boston, and will continue to happen again and again.



>>How about healthcare? Sure America has some of the better technology and science there, but for the AVERAGE patient... They are not truly cared for, they are given medication so that the true cause is ignored.

I've been ranting about this for over a month now. Supposedly, I have great insurance but here is my recent healthcare experience.

In June I went to Texas for my niece's high school graduation, and my niece rode back with our family at the end of the trip so she could stay with some relatives before starting college. Shortly after getting back from Texas my whole family started having sinus and chest problems.

The kids went to the doctor, and then my wife. Finally I went. We were all prescribed different things. I was given the sinus cocktail shot in the but and a round of amoxicillin. Three days later I felt worse, and everyone knows that sinus cocktail makes you feel better almost immediately. It was a Saturday and my PCP wasn't open, so I went to a minor medical clinic. The physician I saw didn't listen to anything I had to say and said my lungs were clear, even though I had a weezy cough. She told me I didn't wait long enough and sent me home after doing absolutely nothing but take my copay.

So, I took out my original medication and continued to feel worse and worse. I lost track of days and finally decided to go back to the doctor on what I thought was Thursday. Unfortunately it was Friday, the 4th of July and my PCP was once again closed.

Now let me explain about my niece. The whole time she had been here from Texas she had also been sick and been to the doctor twice and they had not been able to cure her. But by this time, her mother had picked her up and brought her back to Texas. They went to the doctor there and found that my niece, her little sister, and her mother all three had walking pneumonia. I reasoned that the only way the mother and sister had pneumonia as well was if they all got it while I was in Texas, and that I may have gotten it as well.

Friday night of July 4th, I began vomiting every 2 to 3 hours and could not control it. So, I went back to the minor medical (my only choice) on July 5th and refused to see the previous doctor. I saw another man and related to him what I just related you about the pneumonia. He was very doubtful I had anything like that and was only willing to do the chest xray because I was so insistent. The results came back that I had full blown pneumonia. The doctor prescribed 10 days of a Levoquin.

After 10 days of Levoquin I was feeling better but not fully recovered. A couple days later I started to feel symptoms returning. So, I went back to my PCP and discussed the treatment from the minor medical. They order another round of Levoquin and wanted a CTC scan.

Within a few days someone contacted me about the CTC scan but I couldn't tell me what my insurance would cover. After about a week, I found out my insurance wouldn't cover any of the scan because I hadn't met my deductible. I don't have the money to cover the scan out of pocket and my doctor says he cant do anything else without the scan. But since I do actually have insurance, none of the facilities in town will negotiate a price with me. The second round of Levoquin ran out well over a week ago (maybe 2), and although I don't feel like I did at the beginning of July, my symptoms are up and down, and I am certainly not recovered.

Furthermore, someone in my house is always coughing and hacking. Over the last two months all of my kids have been to the doctor multiple times, but the coughing and hacking persists. We have spent as much as we can afford on doctor's visits and medication over the last 2 months, but we still are not well and I am certainly not convinced that the doctors have any idea what is wrong with us. Furthermore, they don't even really know how bad it is here because they don't bother to follow up with their patients.

One final note. I do IT work for a large insurance company, and have been told everywhere I go that I have fantastic insurance. If it is this bad for us, it must be worse for most everyone else. Prior to the Obamacare regulations taking affect, I had a 100% plan with a low deductible that cost a quarter what this one does. This is the truth of Obamacare and healthcare in the good ole US of A.


Bullwinkle J Moose

"I am just trying to say, Americans have to figure out what they truly want from their Government, then be willing to pay it."

Americans never had a say in whether or not they wanted these spy programs and yet are still required to pay for them

Did any of you Americans have a say in the NSA providing money and Intel to Israel >

or how about FLIR technology created in the U.S. at Champaign Urbana University, then sold to Israel and now licensed back to the United States on the Taxpayers dime?

Or any other Military Tech paid for by Americans and handed to Israel

Do you know your History or just repeat the propaganda forced on you in the Jewish media?



Name the imaginary first world country you believe is not propping up some other country involved in bad behavior. Once you figure out that they are all doing something of the sort and that this isn't going to change, what's next? It still comes down to what are your expectation for these agencies in your country? If you don't think there is a need for them, then get rid of them. I can think of a couple countries that would salivate at that idea. This article was about one of them.

Again, by no means am I under the impression that all things in your American intelligence arena is right. All I am asking is what do you expect from them in the future? What do you want them to be? Do you think the US can survive while protecting there people without them? If so, what will they use to do it? You have to be willing to pick something and live with the consequences.


Bullwinkle J Moose

"Name the imaginary first world country you believe is not propping up some other country involved in bad behavior."
Those are gangs you are talking about, not Countries

They are neither Democracies or Republics

They do not represent the masses, or the individuals

If I am not a member of the gang, I would be labeled a Terrorist or Dictator by such a gang for doing the exact same things



This is a sensible move. If China didn't have security concerns, they wouldn't be interested in AV technology anyway. The onus is on Kaspersky and Symantec to demonstrate their worth. As for myself, my main gripe is that every browser and every AV package want to validate every file and URL against some online database - eg, make a record of every file I open and every site I visit. Even if it is just filenames, checksums, and timestamps it is more information than I want to be leaking.



LOL. China fearful of spying? China spy's on us, why would we spy on them as they steal most of our technology or it is freely given to them by our own country. Could it be that Symantec and Kaspersky are too effective (commercial versions) in keeping them from spying on our companies? ROFLOL



Largest spying organization in the world; not anything comes close = NSA.

Even a bit more irony. The NSA's largest spying targets = americans.

So lets take a further lesson about politics and also world population. China well exceeds one billon people, as does India. Exactly how many hundred million are there in america? Yet the NSA has a larger budget than any other spying organization and does more spying.

The NSA is about par with the former Eastern block, but worse. Even worse than North Korea, even Cuba.

Why does the NSA have such volumes of information about each and every adult american? Never guess how large those files are and to what scope it goes to.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Not Really

Kaspersky is a great example of what not to use if security is a concern

SECURITY is not possible when the antivirus makes connecting to the Internet mandatory

The only Antivirus products that ARE secure, are the ones that let the end users install the entire product offline without ever connecting to the Global Spy Grid

Of the top 10 Antivirus products in the U.S., a total of ZERO are actually securing your Internet connected computer

Just try to name 1 antivirus product that does not connect and increase the attack surface of your computer

Go ahead...

The viruses affecting your computer are local, not out on the Evilnet

Close those backdoors and then talk the talk

AVG "noticeably" began bypassing your firewall starting with AVG 7
You could surf the Internet with EVERYTHING blocked in the firewall, including your Browser

How is that possible if they are not making backdoors?

Still don't believe me?
Read the Licensing agreement

AVG now hides it's malware better but Windows 7 and 8 prevent the end user from easily finding and stopping these products from connecting

So, How will you stop malware and spyware if Windows prevents you from closing the backdoors?



And how does your AV update these days? Does the vendor deliver a USB stick to you with the latest updates every 5 hours or do you simply ride bareback?


Bullwinkle J Moose

I get all the updates by downloading the complete antivirus program whenever it is updated

Many of you never realize that your AV program has been compromised unless you update in this manner because most of you never scan your boot drive from a separate boot disk with a clean scanner

Does your AV update in 10 seconds or less?
Then it is most likely compromised

Does it scan the whole drive in 60 seconds or less?
Then it is most likely compromised

You might want to check regardless of what you think of my rants because updates do no good when your AV is compromised

Try running Malwarebytes AntiExploit and be sure you download your AV directly from the Manufacturer to avoid fake AV software or versions compromised by anyone other than the Manufacturer

For AV programs compromised by the manufacturer, it's pretty hard to avoid but I can at least wipe any changes made to my computer by running Driveshield with XP after blocking ALL data sent or recieved from the antivirus in my firewall

It's true that the AV may bypass the firewall like Microsoft's Security Essentials does, but any changes are wiped on every reboot by running Driveshield on XP

You cannot easily block your Antivirus traffic with the Windows 7 or 8 firewall and you cannot easily wipe any changes on each reboot either


Led Weappelin

I did not know that. But I have always found it odd that you can't install without being wired to the internet.