China Rebukes Google, Baidu for Not Filtering Pornographic Content

Pulkit Chandna

The Chinese government lambasted 19 Internet companies for not doing enough to curb pornography on the internet. It published the names of 19 companies, including Google and premier Chinese search engine Baidu, in an online statement on Monday. The Chinese government says that it wants a cleaner internet that can facilitate the proper development of minors.

The Chinese government also explained as to why each of the 19 companies figured in the list. For instance, Google is on the list as it hasn’t placed any filters to prevent pornographic content from appearing on its image search website.

Although Google had said in its riposte on Tuesday that the search engine enjoys no control over “the billions of pages in our index,” China’s Xinhua News Agency is reporting that all websites that were rebuked by the Chinese government, including Google and Baidu, have submitted their apologies .

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