China Bows to International Pressure, Lifts Internet Curbs for the Olympics


The Chinese have acceded to international media pressure and agreed to loosen their vice-like grip on the internet just for the Beijing Olympics . The international journalists will no longer have to contend with a censored version of the internet . It is very unusual for a country’s premier to himself hold a press conference and more so for the Chinese President.

But Hu Zintao, the Chinese President, took it upon himself to warn journalists about the consequences of breaching Chinese laws in thickly veiled terms. He told them that they should not "engage in activities which are incompatible with unity or community and public interests." The media fears that the Chinese government might renege on its promise of a free internet for the duration of the games. But our tenacious, ingenious journalist friends from world over are expected to freely employ anti-censorship tools to circumvent any hindrances.

Image Credit: Lehman Law

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