Chevy Volt to Integrate with Blackberry, iPhone Apps

Maximum PC Staff

We aren’t supposed to be distracted while operating our cars, but there seems no end to how much our cars will soon be able to distract us. The upcoming generation of electric vehicles are expected to come with apps that will let us be appraised of their status, and better service their needs.

GM is planning to have, at the least, Blackberry and iPhone apps that will let you connect with the Chevy Volt. Owners will be able to set times for charging and, through GM’s OnStar system, track electricity rates from local utilities. The app can also alert an owner on charging status, or if the owner forgot to plug the car in.

Seems that Nissan has something similar in the works for their electric vehicle: an iPod app that manages charging, and lets owners get text messages from their car. (Not while the car is driving, I hope.)

The apps for the Volt do raise the question of too much and too little. Are we becoming a society so out-of-touch with basic car operation we need constant reminders? Or has car operation become so complex that we need a whole new stream of information just to keep us on top of things?

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