Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags to Save Frequent Fliers Some Frustration


For all their indispensability, airport security checks never feel pleasing. But a security check becomes most nettling when security officials place a request for your laptop to be scrutinized with X-rays. As things stand, laptops can’t be X-rayed properly while still inside a laptop case and have to be removed. But all this is set to change – at least in the U.S – with the Transportation Security Administration having acceded to allowing a new kind of X-ray friendly case that will easily allow X-ray machines to scan laptops - while still contained in them.

But the typically shrewd Maximum PC reader might wonder: Who is going to produce these sophisticated cases? About a dozen or so manufacturers have already submitted there prototypes for testing at three different airports. And leading manufacturers like Pathfinder Luggage and Targus want to take an early lead in this new segment, too, and have even begun production.

This new move will not only spare travelers some frustration but also lessen the chaos at checkpoints. “Chaos is great camouflage,” TSA director Kip Hawley told New York Times’ Joe Sharkey rather eloquently. The prices of these cases might vary across brands. For instance, Pathfinder Luggage’s models will be priced between $100 and $200. On the other hand, Targus will launch a no-frills model that will be priced $39 and a corporate model for about $100.

So all you frequent travelers tell us whether you intend to use one. As for the more stationery of our readers, you can take the whole idea of checkpoint friendly bags apart, if you like. Join the discussion.

Image Credit: UberGizmo

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